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IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Mr. Josh Singer singerj@fccps.org

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IB DP Program Registration Information

At Meridian High School, roughly 25-35% of each graduating class chooses to pursue an IB Diploma. While a variety of reasons exist for why our students make this choice, for the class of 2025, many cited the strong academic reputation of the program as well as preparation for college as the top reasons. Additionally, many students list their desire for personal and academic growth as what they hope to gain through this process.

Students and families can learn more about the program, its requirements, and possibilities for customizing a "DP Plan" as part of our Course Selection process. Beginning annually in January, IB Coordinators meet students first in grade-level groups and then on an individual basis throughout February to ensure that all interested students are aware of their scheduling options. Additionally, IB Coordinators meet with the School Counselors to review scheduling requests and follow up with students and families as necessary.

To support students in selecting their classes, a DP Registration Planning Card has been created.

A picture of the DP Registration Planning Card for the Class of 2026

Click on the image for full view of the IB DP Registration Planning Card

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Last updated January 2024