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IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Mr. Josh Singer singerj@fccps.org

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The DP Core refers to the combination of Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS), Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and the Extended Essay (EE).

These required components of the IB Diploma stem from the Learner Profile and encourage students to draw connections and pursue passions and interests outside of their other IB DP coursework.

Students engaged with the IBDP as Course students in individual classes do not have to complete CAS, TOK, or the Extended Essay but may do so if they choose.

To assist students in completing requirements in CAS and EE, we use ManageBAC.




Coordinators - Ms. Cecily Shea, Ms. Suzanne Planas, and Ms. Jan Healy

Coordinator - Mr. Rob Carey

"CAS" stands for Creativity + Activity + Service.

Across junior and senior years, diploma candidates participate in planned and supervised activities in each category. Such participation is meant to encourage the appreciation of attitudes and values other than one's own and to enable the student to communicate readily on both a philosophical and practical level.

 Learn more about CAS.

The Extended Essay is a 3,000- to 4,000-word research paper on the Diploma candidate's chosen topic.

Students receive support in the development of this independent research essay from a faculty supervisor. 

Learn more about the EE

"TOK" is the Theory of Knowledge course.

This course is offered throughout a student's experience in the Diploma Programme. It stimulates critical reflection on the knowledge and experiences acquired both inside and outside the classroom, evaluates the basis of knowledge and experience, and develops a personal mode of thought based on a critical examination of evidence and argument. 

Learn more about TOK.